Sindder – An Introduction to Practice

Magic : the use of spiritual experience to influence reality

Chaos Magic was developed in the late 1970’s in England by a group of experimental magicians. The term ‘chaos’ is meant in the ‘chaos mathematics’ of fractals rather than as ‘lack of order’. Their approach was one of deconstruction of the world’s spiritual and magical practices to find, study, and apply congruencies. They sought to explain magic in such a way that would de-mystify the process and unveil many of the practices from the dark, dank dungeons of black robed occultism, fun as it may be. The result was a retrofitting of a base of spiritual technique into any spiritual tradition one desires. Trance, they concluded, was the common factor; which they termed gnosis. The magician could, in effect, enter trance using various techniques of gnosis and enhance the probabilities of success from any spiritual practice.

In the tradition of magic, trance can be considered any spiritual experience. Magicians seek spiritual experience with intent & purpose to change their lives and influence reality.

As a base of practice, it is generally recommended : meditation to focus your mind, divination to gain insight into your behavior, the use of simple spells to influence reality in your favor, and to develop a relationship with a divine spirit to round yourself out.

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