Equanimity with “Don’t-Sit”

Receptively settling oneself in Unknowing could be one way to describe the contemplative's modus operandi, but what about when that doesn't happen? What is a meditator to do when that mode of being within Being seems out of reach? When an aspiring contemplative neglects his responsibility to practice receiving the gift of Silence within himself, … Continue reading Equanimity with “Don’t-Sit”

What, Why, and How I Practice (AC)

I practice meditation in the "tradition" of Unified Mindfulness (which I won't describe here: plenty of online resources) — I consider the practices of UM to be supportive and/or gateway practices to 1) develop more skillful awareness in daily life; and 2) make myself most susceptible to the Grace that is Contemplation. I'm not sure … Continue reading What, Why, and How I Practice (AC)