Aspiring Contemplative

The Aspiring Contemplative is devoted to deepening his practice of Contemplative Prayer in the mystical tradition of Christianity. He has a passionate gratitude for his beautiful family, music, and spiritual growth through living daily life.

Suggested reading:

‘Into the Silent Land’ and ‘The Sunlit Absence’, Martin Laird

‘New Seeds of Contemplation’, Thomas Merton

‘The Cloud of Unknowing’, anonymous 14th century Christian mystic

‘Clarifying the Natural State’, Dakpo Tashi Namgyal

‘Shenpen Osel, Vol4 No3’, Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche

And anything by Shinzen Young…


Sindder Streg

Sindder Streg has been a chaos magician for 10 years. He lives in the Piedmont of NC with his family. He enjoys beat literature and sitting shikantaza.

Suggested reading:

‘Invisibles’, Grant Morrison

‘Prometheus Rising’, Robert Anton Wilson

‘TAZ’, Hakim Bey

‘Liber Null’, Peter J Carroll

‘Bloodstream Sermon’, Bodhidharma