Equanimity with “Don’t-Sit”

Receptively settling oneself in Unknowing could be one way to describe the contemplative's modus operandi, but what about when that doesn't happen? What is a meditator to do when that mode of being within Being seems out of reach? When an aspiring contemplative neglects his responsibility to practice receiving the gift of Silence within himself, … Continue reading Equanimity with “Don’t-Sit”

Sindder – An Introduction to Practice

Magic : the use of spiritual experience to influence reality Chaos Magic was developed in the late 1970's in England by a group of experimental magicians. The term 'chaos' is meant in the 'chaos mathematics' of fractals rather than as 'lack of order'. Their approach was one of deconstruction of the world's spiritual and magical … Continue reading Sindder – An Introduction to Practice

What, Why, and How I Practice (AC)

I practice meditation in the "tradition" of Unified Mindfulness (which I won't describe here: plenty of online resources) — I consider the practices of UM to be supportive and/or gateway practices to 1) develop more skillful awareness in daily life; and 2) make myself most susceptible to the Grace that is Contemplation. I'm not sure … Continue reading What, Why, and How I Practice (AC)