“That which I am I offer to you, O Lord —

For you are it entirely —

Without looking to any quality of your being;

But only to the fact that you are as you are;

This and nothing more.”

May I take refuge in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit;

May I put on the Mind of Christ for my own salvation and for the salvation of others;

(May I be awake to the birth of your Holy Word within me);

May I know the presence and action of the Holy Spirit through the stirrings of my own spirit;

May I rest in the open Love that is your infinite and gracious Being.

Through faithful view, diligent prayer, and compassionate love.


In this effort to express, examine, and share our own imperfect views and experiences,

may we maintain a humble confidence;

may we deepen our understanding of ourselves and of each other;

may our words be thoughtful, conscientious, brave, and kind;

may we maintain an attitude of open receptivity: curious and authentic;

may this effort maintain its place in our lives: not leading to obsession or apathy ;

may disputes be the seeds of discovery and wonder, not catalysts of self-doubt or resentment;

when we know, let us speak — when we know not, let us be silent;

may we move toward the darkness of our own ignorance with faith and trust;

may this effort somehow be a blessing to ourselves, to our loved ones, and to others unnamed;

and, above all, may we learn to grow nearer to the image of the imageless Absolute in our daily lives.

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